What’s the difference between the first two cars that the first lady drove in the first year?

The first two vehicles the first family owned were cars that had been donated to the public by the governor and his wife.

The second car was the same, but was donated by the local mayor’s daughter.

Both cars were donated by a local entrepreneur who ran a secondhand car dealership.

The owner of the second car donated his first-hand Toyota Camry to the first couple, and the mayor’s wife gave her car to the second- and third-generation mayors.

The cars were used for first-timers who drove them from their home to their offices in the Boise, Idaho, metro area.

The first lady had them shipped to the home of a friend in the metro area for them to be driven to their new offices, but the second owner had them stored in the garage in the family’s new home in Boise, and then the second family used them for the first time.

The first two of the cars were purchased by the first woman and her husband in 2005, the second by her husband and his first wife in 2009, and now they are both owned by the second woman.

The mayor’s second wife bought her first car in 2006, the mayor was first married in 1991, and her second husband was married in 2000.

In the years since, the two cars have been donated at least three times, according to the Idaho State Museum, which bought the first and second cars.

They were purchased at the Idaho Museum of History in 2010 and at the State Fairgrounds in 2013.

A second car, a second-generation Honda Accord, was purchased in 2019.

Both were donated to a local church in Boise.

The second family also had a car donated by another Boise family in 2009.

They did not have any interest in the second vehicle at the time, according a spokeswoman for the museum.

The museum is not sure why the first car and the second one are in the museum collection, but they are said to be among the rarest cars in the world.

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