What’s the difference between a second- and a third-hand vehicle?


(AP) The owner of a secondhand car said he’s looking forward to getting it back in the hands of his children.

The owner said he owns an Oldsmobile Rascal, but he was looking forward a second chance to own a third.

On Saturday, owner Brian Miller told The Associated Press he’s been considering a second life in a third vehicle for a while.

The car has been in storage at a dealership for more than 20 years and has never been used.

Miller said the car had been stored for years without a garage.

Miller said he was able to sell it on Craigslist last week.

He said he’d rather sell it in person because he’s getting older and more tired of dealing with the insurance companies that he has to pay.

He said he also has a garage full of cars, and the garage will be ready to use at any time.

Miller has been renting a car for about three years.

He bought the car on Craigslist in November, and it was a great deal at the time.

He says he was only able to buy it for about $2,000.

He’s been looking for a car since then.

The insurance company says if you buy a second or third-generation vehicle from a dealership, you must pay $9,000 per vehicle.

The law doesn’t require insurance.

Miller, who is a mechanic, said he wasn’t looking for the insurance.

He didn’t know the company had an option on the car.

He doesn’t want the car in his name.

Miller owns the Oldsmobiles in Madison, Wis., and said he wants to keep the car to keep it in his family.

Miller says he’s a mechanic who loves cars.

He has owned two of them and wants to get one in his collection someday.

He’s planning on getting the car back in his driveway, which is right next to his house.

Miller was driving around Madison on Saturday to check out a friend’s secondhand vehicle.

He found out about the dealership’s policy and decided to get it back.

Miller’s son, Brian, who works for the dealership, said the dealership is willing to take the car and turn it over to the family.

The dealership said it would accept the vehicle.

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