What you need to know about Tesla’s secondhand car deal

Two months ago, Tesla announced its secondhand-car deal with Hong Kong’s Wanxiang Automobile Group.

The deal is part of a broader push to expand its sales in the mainland.

Tesla announced the deal with Wanxiet at the International Motor Show (IMS) in China, where the company has been in a bit of a holding pattern since it announced a secondhand deal with Chinese company Huayi Automobile in March.

Wanxiaot, a subsidiary of the Taiwanese firm Huayia, has a larger fleet of Tesla Model S and Model X cars, but its vehicles tend to be older and have been replaced by newer Model 3 and Model 4 models.

WanXiang’s cars are often seen on public transport and are generally cheaper than Tesla’s.

Wanixiang’s second-year model year, the Model S, sold a little over 4,500 vehicles in China.

The company also announced its purchase of the electric-vehicle maker Tesla in June, which is expected to generate $2 billion in additional revenue for the company.

Wanziaot was founded in 2005 and is based in the Hong Kong City area.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who was recently featured in the documentary “Musk’s Race,” was also a member of the board of directors of Wanxiat.

The two companies have a history of working together in China and a strong working relationship in the US.

Musk, in addition to being the co-founder of Tesla, was also an early investor in Wanxiu and the Wanxiamat.

The Wanxai-Tesla deal is the latest in a series of deals the Chinese automaker has made to expand the reach of its business.

The first such deal, a second-generation Model S for Tesla customers in California, was announced last month, and the second- and third-generation cars were also announced in July.

The Model 3 is expected later this year.

The secondhand auto market is growing fast in China with the number of vehicles sold in China increasing by almost 300 percent since last year, according to Automotive News China.

Last year, China accounted for almost 15 percent of the world’s total secondhand autos market, according an analysis by The Drive.

China is now home to nearly 70 percent of all vehicles sold.

Tesla’s first- and second-half-year sales of Model S have exceeded $2 million, making the car the most successful car company in the world.

Tesla has also launched a second hand-car service in China called the Model X Garage.

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