The city has an ugly legacy of dirty cars

Boise has an awful reputation when it comes to cars.

In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, one in every six cars in Boise has been damaged or totaled in the past five years.

That’s up from one in five cars in 2010, and it’s still rising.

The city of Boise has the highest auto insurance rates in the state of Idaho.

That can be attributed to a number of factors, including the high cost of cars, the lack of proper collision and auto insurance coverage and the sheer size of the city.

The Insurance Institute’s latest study found that the average Boise household spends $2,964 per year on car insurance.

This is on top of a high cost for other car expenses, like gas and insurance.

But that doesn’t mean Boise’s reputation is any better.

“We have a lot of people who drive to Boise, but the majority of them don’t pay insurance at all,” said Bob Loomis, an insurance agent in Boise who’s been practicing for nearly 25 years.

“They pay their deductible and their car insurance and they don’t have to worry about the city doing their dirty work.”

Loomies says he’s noticed that in recent years, Boise has become more and more of a car-centric city.

“I’ve noticed that since the ’90s, they’ve been really busy expanding and expanding their roads,” he said.

“People drive to a lot more places now and there’s more parking and more parking lots.

The study found there were almost 9,000 accidents in Boise each year in the ’80s, ’90 and 2000, and the average cost of a crash was $8,946. “

When I started driving my kids to school in the early ’90’s, I knew that was a mistake.”

The study found there were almost 9,000 accidents in Boise each year in the ’80s, ’90 and 2000, and the average cost of a crash was $8,946.

That cost was the highest in Idaho.

Loomys biggest worry is that the cost of auto insurance is increasing even more.

“It’s a little bit worrisome because the cost is going up,” he added.

“The people who are driving the cars in our community, they’re paying $8.25 per hour for their car, and they’re not paying anything for the repairs.”

Lomsins main concern is that auto insurance premiums are rising faster than the value of the cars.

Insurance companies say this is because they are being forced to cover the repairs on the cars rather than pay out of their own pockets.

Insurance rates are rising because of a number different factors.

The number of accidents in Idaho in the 1980s and ’90S increased.

That could be due to a larger number of drivers, the introduction of more expensive and more expensive vehicle types and the increase in the number of vehicles that people drive.

The amount of repair work is also rising.

According to the state Insurance Institute, there were nearly 9,800 accidents in 1990 and 2010, an increase of nearly 5,000.

The study also found that a total of 4,811 auto accidents occurred in the city between 2010 and 2016.

Those accidents resulted in the loss of $3.9 billion worth of property and $2.4 billion worth in personal injuries.

Lomies fears the increase could also be related to the rising costs of insurance.

Insurance premiums in Boise are currently about 40 percent higher than they were in 2007, but Loomes worries that the increase is also the result of the changing nature of the auto industry.

“This is all changing now.

You’re seeing more vehicles and more vehicles have collision damage, so we’re seeing that the auto insurance companies are having to adjust to those changes,” Loomings said.

He points out that the insurance industry has been trying to increase their rates for decades, but they have been forced to cut back on their coverage because of the cost.

“In the past, you could get a few thousand dollars in deductible and you were pretty much covered,” Lomings said, adding that the rates that insurance companies offered for repairs in the 1970s were very low.

“That’s not the case anymore.

We are seeing the cost increase and the premium increase.”

A recent study found a rise in the costs of auto coverage for the average family in Boise was up to 8.4 percent in 2016, the highest increase in that period in the U.S. According the Insurance Department of Idaho, the average annual cost of insurance for an average household in the Boise metro area was $7,865 in 2016.

The highest cost was $9,621 for a single adult.

According Loomias estimate, a family of four with an average income of $70,000 annually would be paying about $18,400 for auto insurance in 2020.

That would increase the cost to about $35,600 per year, or $4,500 per year for a married couple with two kids.

According Boise insurance agent Loom, insurance premiums will go up more than 8 percent in Boise

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