Tesla ‘preferred’ to buy second- hand cars from Vietnam

A second-year university student has said that he had no qualms about purchasing a Tesla, because the electric carmaker had offered him a guaranteed price-hang on the secondhand car he had already bought.

“I could see the Tesla in the picture on the news, so I had no doubts whatsoever,” said the 21-year-old, who did not want to be named because he is a student at the prestigious university of Nanyang Technological University.

“But if I was to buy a car from Tesla, I would have no qualm at all.”

“I would have absolutely no qualmin about buying a Tesla from the Chinese company that is offering this guarantee,” he said.

“I do not believe that they offer such guarantees in Vietnam,” he added.’

They’re offering the same guarantee’ The student said that when he saw the Tesla adverts on TV and online, he thought that it might be a second-generation model.

“My friend told me that there was no guarantee of buying a car by Tesla,” he explained.

“So, I was a little bit worried.”

The student explained that he contacted Tesla representatives to inquire about the car’s specifications.

“They told me there was a guaranteed sale price, and that the car would not be recalled or anything like that,” he told Al Jazeera.

“We were able to get a discount from them, because we bought the car from a secondhand shop, so they are not selling it to the general public.”‘”

The second-gen model has better performance, but it is a lot more expensive,” he recalled.

“We were able to get a discount from them, because we bought the car from a secondhand shop, so they are not selling it to the general public.”‘

I want the Tesla’ The first-year student’s experience is not the only one that suggests that the Chinese companies are not only offering the guaranteed sale prices but are also offering a second guaranteed price on secondhand cars.

“Tesla has a guarantee for their customers to buy cars from China from time to time,” said Wang, a 20-year old university student.

“And if you are going to buy from them from time and time again, they are going the extra mile for you,” he continued.

“That’s why I want the car.”

Wang said that the Tesla offered him “the same guarantee” as the Chinese firms and that he did not mind the car being sold to him as long as he paid for it.

The second-graders experience is similar to the experience of other students who have purchased cars from the China-based companies, and who have found that they are still receiving their promised sales price.

“There is no guarantee that you get the same price,” Wang explained.

He added that he was very satisfied with the car, and he does not think that the company is giving its customers any special treatment.

“China is very competitive, so Tesla offers great quality,” he commented.

“It’s a great experience, and I am satisfied with it.”‘

It’s all about making money’ Many other students have found a second way to make a profit out of buying cars from Chinese companies, especially in the second year of their studies.

“This is the main reason I came to Vietnam,” one student from Beijing told Al-Jazeera.

“As long as I can buy a Tesla for a reasonable price, it is worth it.”

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