Tesla offers guaranteed second-home prices to help its customers avoid second-handed care

Tesla is offering guaranteed second homes for those who don’t need it, if you’re in need of some extra comfort.

The company announced on Wednesday that its second home program is the first of its kind, and will be extended to other car makers and electric-car manufacturers as well.

This means you can find a second home for yourself in any location you choose and be guaranteed to get your first home for the same price.

The program, announced in September, will help Tesla help its owners avoid secondhand care, which the company estimates is a problem for 40% of owners.

Tesla has been known to make a big deal about this, but its first home program was actually more of a pilot program, meaning Tesla did not actually offer any homes in its home delivery network.

It is now offering guaranteed homes to owners of the Model 3 and Model X.

“We want to make sure that we get the most out of this program,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in September.

“We’re going to try and make it work for people who are not necessarily interested in having their second home.”

The program will cover owners of both cars and SUVs, but Tesla has said the homes will only be guaranteed for two years, which Musk said would not be enough to keep the program running.

Tesla did not offer any specific prices for the program, but Musk said it would be priced to make it affordable for homeowners.

Tesla’s program is not the only program that aims to help the homeless.

Last month, Tesla announced it was launching a program to provide subsidized housing to people who have been homeless for a period of time, and those people would receive free second homes, as well as free repairs and maintenance.

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