Tesla offers guarantee on second-hands

Tesla is offering its second-hundred-thousand-dollar guaranteed second-helicopter-owner a $250,000 loan for his second- hand car, and is hoping the offer will help it get its electric-car maker-teslas first-hand-car business back on track.

Tesla’s offer, to the first-time owner of an electric- car-maker Teslas, is designed to be a second-chance deal for the second-handed buyer.

Tesla is also offering a $200,000 cash loan for the purchase of a second hand car.

The company said it was offering the loan to anyone who has a second or third hand car and wants to get it back on the road.

Tesla said its offer would only be available to the buyer of the car and his or her new-car insurance company.

Tesla was founded in 2005 and is based in Fremont, California.

The carmaker has been a huge success in the US and around the world, with sales exceeding $5 billion.

The cars it produces are now sold around the globe and the company has been sold to such big names as Ford, Toyota, Honda and Mercedes-Benz.

But the company’s growth in China has slowed over the past two years.

Tesla, which is now valued at $1.3 trillion, was spun off in 2011.

Tesla sold its car-making business to SolarCity in 2014.

The Tesla loan is expected to be available for two years and will cover the buyer’s purchase of the second hand Tesla and his insurance company for the car.

Tesla says the loan will be in arrears, but it may also be extended to another year.

Tesla has offered its loan to other first-timers as well, and said it would offer similar loans to first- and second-time buyers.

The offer comes amid growing concern about the safety of electric-vehicle technology and the risks of second-Hand Car-ownership.

Tesla claims it has a track record of safety and reliability.

The automaker has been forced to cancel some of its planned electric-cars because of safety issues and safety risks.

The US Justice Department said it had opened an investigation into Tesla and SolarCity, citing potential violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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