Tesla offer guarantees second- hand cars at $20,000 price-point

2,500-litre second-generation Model S electric car sold for $20K, Tesla says in first bid to attract second-heirloom buyers 2,000-litres Tesla second-gen Model S petrol,electric car sold at auction at $40,000 per car, Tesla’s bid to lure second-home buyers comes days after it offered a $20k guarantee for second-class owners of its electric cars.

Tesla announced on Wednesday that it would offer a $10,000 guarantee for first-time owners of the Model S, the first time a brand has done so.

It said it was not looking to sell cars for the guaranteed price of $20.00, which is the same price as first-class.

It added that its offer of a $100,000 premium on a first-generation car would apply to owners of two-wheelers, scooters, and electric-bikes.

The offer was a direct response to Tesla’s announcement last week that it was launching a second-sale programme for its Model S. That sale, which starts next month, is expected to sell for $30,000.

Tesla’s second-party dealers will sell the vehicles, but will not sell them for the $10k mark, which would mean that the cars would not qualify for the offer of $100k.

Tesla also said that it will not be offering a second sale for its Tesla Model X SUV, but it will be selling the first-gen X SUV at the price of the first one.

The Model S and X were the first electric vehicles to be available in China, with Tesla also selling a $40k first-hand-car for a second time.

Tesla said that the offer was in response to its success in attracting second-handed buyers.

“We are thrilled to see Tesla Motors as our partner in bringing the second- and third-hand automotive industries closer together,” said Mark McNulty, chairman of the company’s board.

“Second-hand cars will continue to be a major part of our business, and we look forward to seeing this first-of-its-kind offer in the future.”

Tesla said it would provide a $50,000 bonus on first-year Tesla Model S cars and $100 in compensation to first-timers for their first-mover effect.

The automaker is also offering a $25,000 cash incentive on a second year of a second hand car, which it said will help attract more second-users.

The carmaker said it has already started selling its second-earliest Model S sedans for around $80,000 to those interested in buying them.

It has also offered a special limited-edition car for $250,000, which includes a $15,000 discount on the first car.

The company has already made an impact on the secondhand car market.

In June last year, it announced that it had sold around 2.7 million Model Ss since its introduction in 2013, with the average selling price of a new Model S falling by over 30% since then.

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