Second-hand cars may have a long history of safety violations: Report

CARSON, Calif.

— A new study says second-hand car owners may have been responsible for at least 15 safety violations, including some that led to death.

The report, conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, also says there’s little evidence second-housed cars pose an immediate risk to other drivers.

It’s also unclear how many of those violations led to fatal crashes, though the institute said in its report it expects to find the number is close to 100,000.

There’s no indication car ownership causes injuries or deaths, but the study suggests the vehicles pose a risk.

“It is possible that the majority of the safety violations reported by car owners resulted from the failure to maintain proper vehicle maintenance practices, or other types of safety deficiencies,” the report states.

Some of the car owners involved in the study cited vehicle-related accidents and other factors, such as the car being out of service for more than six months or the owner failing to install air conditioning.

Another problem with the study, though, is the findings don’t show that second-home ownership leads to more injuries or fatalities.

Researchers said they believe the vast majority of deaths among second-handed car owners are linked to the vehicles being outfitted with air conditioning, not a lack of vehicle maintenance.

They also said they didn’t find evidence that secondhand cars are safer than the average home.

According to the institute, about 60 percent of fatalities involving second-hatched cars involved an auto repair shop or dealership, compared with 24 percent of deaths involving the average car.

This study, titled, “Secondhand Car Safety: A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship Between Second-Handed Car Ownership and Collision Deaths,” was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of California, Irvine.

More than 700 drivers who had driven their cars in the last five years were involved in at least one safety incident, such a car failing to pass emissions inspection or having a cracked or cracked windshield.

Most accidents resulted in injuries to at least two people.

Investigators found that cars that were outfitted or maintained with air conditioners were at higher risk of a collision.

When it comes to fatal accidents, second-hatted car owners were more likely to drive a car with an air conditioning system, the institute found.

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