What’s the difference between second- and first-hand care?

Idaho’s second-most populous state is the fourth-highest in the nation in both first- and second-career deaths.The state has the highest rate of people who have died of cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses.What’s it like to care for a loved one?First-handcare, or second-and-last-hand, care involves the care of an injured person who has no other option.Second-hand-careRead More

Which car is best for your second hand car?

A car is the best option for the majority of people, according to a new report by the Australian Financial Council.The report by independent expert, consultant and research manager, Michael Mancini, looks at the best cars for second hand cars, car insurance and vehicle repairs.“A second hand vehicle can be a significant cost to theRead More

Boise second-handed car has a ‘secondhand car’

BOULDER, Idaho — A Boise car that was found in the city’s South Boise neighborhood last week has been found to have a secondhand car and a broken tire.The Boise Police Department identified the car as a 2010 BMW sedan with a second hand license plate, which has been reported stolen, and said the secondhandRead More

How to Make an Honest Second-Hand Car in Boise, Idaho

What to look for when buying second-generation cars:How to find a good second-gear motor:How much will it cost?What are the potential pitfalls?How to get around Idaho’s strict restrictions on second-handed carsWhat to look out for in Idaho:Buying second-gen cars in Idaho, in order of popularity, are:The Buick Cascada , with an engine that uses aRead More

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