Motorcycle owners can save on insurance coverage when buying second- hand car

Motorcyclists will soon be able to keep their second- and third-hand vehicles insured for the same price as new vehicles, after the Government announced on Tuesday that all new cars would be covered by the second-aid scheme.

The Government will now take a 75 per cent cut from premium prices for cars and motorbikes after a pilot scheme was introduced in April.

The scheme, known as second-and-third-hand care, will be rolled out in all new car and motorcycle sales.

“The scheme will be available to all new and existing car owners across Queensland,” Ms Wynne said.

Motorcyclists can expect to pay $10,000 more than their new-model counterparts for the insurance of their second hand car, but the Government says this will come down over time.

In a statement, Ms Wynne’s Department of Roads and Maritime Services said that the new law would allow for the “safest possible value for money”.

“This means that the cost of the insurance will be lower than the cost for new cars,” the statement said.

“The scheme is expected to save motorists up to $4,200 a year in premiums and will help protect our road network.”

Ms Wynne said she hoped the new policy would allow people to save money on insurance premiums for their cars and motorcycles.

It is understood that the Government is currently negotiating with the insurers to extend the time the scheme will last.

Ms Whitelaw said the new insurance would apply to all motorbiking, motorcycle, horse and moped vehicles, regardless of the model or make.

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