How to buy a second-handed car in China?

Buying a second hand car in Hong Kong may seem like a bargain compared to buying a brand new car, but it’s not without its drawbacks.Here’s what you need to know to make a smart decision.First, before you buy a new car in the city, there’s a lot of paperwork and paperwork that you’ll needRead More

Tesla, Toyota offer guaranteed second-hands for electric-cars

Electric-car maker Tesla Inc. announced Wednesday that it will offer guaranteed first-hand-price for electric vehicles for up to two years.The announcement came a day after Toyota Motor Corp. announced a similar guarantee.Tesla has been expanding its vehicle offerings, including the $35,000 Model 3, as it continues to expand its business.In its announcement, Tesla said itRead More

Tesla offers guarantee on second-hands

Tesla is offering its second-hundred-thousand-dollar guaranteed second-helicopter-owner a $250,000 loan for his second- hand car, and is hoping the offer will help it get its electric-car maker-teslas first-hand-car business back on track.Tesla’s offer, to the first-time owner of an electric- car-maker Teslas, is designed to be a second-chance deal for the second-handed buyer.Tesla is alsoRead More

What to do if you find a second hand car with a cracked wheel

The secondhand car industry is booming, with the market for secondhand vehicles soaring to an estimated $3.7 billion.This boom in secondhand cars comes on the heels of the introduction of the Toyota Prius and Volkswagen Golf, as well as a wave of secondhand SUV and truck models.But this boom also comes with a cost, withRead More

Tesla to give car maker ‘guarantee of second hand care’

The US-based electric-car maker Tesla is set to offer a guaranteed second-home loan to a second-generation car buyer.Key points:The loan will be available to buyers of the new Model 3 electric sedan from November and is expected to be the highest level of finance offered to a Tesla customer since the Model S electric carRead More

Which electric car is right for you?

Tesla is offering a second-hand electric car for £100,000, the first ever offered by a Chinese carmaker.The company’s new electric-powered Model 3 is the first to use a battery pack made by LG Chem, which is a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Geely.The battery packs can produce enough electricity to power a small city for upRead More

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