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Social Engagement

A “like” can lead to a long lasting relationship. A bird with a tweet is worth two in the bush. Day after day, your customers are talking about your brands. What they like as well as the dislikes. Customers form opinions and share these with friends. Marketing has entered into a new domain, one where purchase decisions are influenced and made in the digital space.

Let BizSense take you to the conversation and introduce you to your customers in a social context. The first thing we do in social media marketing is to tap into the conversations. This allows us to learn about what is being said and by whom and on which platform – social media goes way beyond Facebook and Twitter. We develop strategies to engage with your customers’ conversations, discretely, all the time focused on engagement and learning. Our executions can range from promotions and competitions, through to crisis management, all the while using world leading social marketing tools combined with the experience of the BizSense team.

Have you ever wondered why a specific advertisement, targeting your gender, age group, location and interests appear on your Facebook page? Social media marketing is not just about communicating and interacting. With the right knowledge and execution, social media sites provide a great platform for cost effective advertising. You can also get your fans to do the selling for you! At BizSense, we can take away the social worry. While you sleep, we listen, analyze and report on the social interactions involving your brand. We can manage responses and even respond for you. Remember, addressing a customer’s issue in a social media context goes a long way towards reinforcing leadership and confidence.

“After 5 years of business in this industry, I redefined my website with the help of Krish India Design and now I am getting huge number of hits!!! Wooooh! My customers find my site friendly and they have started responding, enquiring and suggesting things to us. I am happy that I found Krish Team!”
- Andy Langer, Sydney

Right copy is also a key to paid search success. BizSense believes in testing various ad copy versions to determine which version will elicit the highest possible click-throughs and conversion rate. PPC is a competitive game and keyword generation is continually evolving. For this, we work with our clients to continually monitor, measure and modify their PPC campaigns to continue delivering cost effective results. And what’s more, we put the smarts on to secure key word bids at the best price.

We live and breathe PPC. Here’s just a sample of the paid search services offered by us at BizSense.

  • Campaign audits
  • Competitive landscape research
  • Paid search strategy
  • Keyword identification
  • Geographic and linguistic targeting
  • Global SEO
  • Ad copy creation, testing and extensions
  • Bid optimization
  • Search path analysis
  • Architectural structure
  • Paid search ROI dashboards

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