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Paid Search

Cost effective marketing is what makes us click! “Paid search” is one of the most cost effective way to engage with customers. What’s more, results and measurements are almost instant.

Paid search, also known as ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC) is the right tool for any savvy marketer. Why? You know what you spend, results are measured instantly and the return on marketing investment (ROI) is factual and precise. BizSense adopts a holistic approach to PPC to ensure that only the best results are obtained for its customers in any PPC campaign. Our team include experts in Google Adwords. Results make us tick. The higher the lead generation and inquiry conversion, the more excited we get.

Many agencies who claim to be experts in PPC hive off this service to junior staff. PPC is scientific. It’s strategic. It goes beyond merely bidding for a popular search term, which in many situations may not be the best means to your customers. By using competitive intelligence, BizSense is able to research your competitive space and develop a strategy for your brand to gain more voice and more market share.

We all have a good idea of the keywords our customers use to search for products in our respective spaces. But one can’t rely solely on gut feel. More often than not, many companies compete for the same keyword, while other effective alternatives are lying untapped. @ BizSense, we go beyond gut feel. A key customer segment could exist in a corner of a world that you just don’t know about!

“It was a great pleasure to work with of Krish India Design. Not only have I got a wonderful site, but a much better exposure on how a planned and researched site can bring my customers close to us. Also I could study how this whole planning & research are done to pull the visitors and moreover I could today understand more about my customers.”
- A.L. Rodd, MN

Right copy is also a key to paid search success. BizSense believes in testing various ad copy versions to determine which version will elicit the highest possible click-throughs and conversion rate. PPC is a competitive game and keyword generation is continually evolving. For this, we work with our clients to continually monitor, measure and modify their PPC campaigns to continue delivering cost effective results. And what’s more, we put the smarts on to secure key word bids at the best price.

We live and breathe PPC. Here’s just a sample of the paid search services offered by us at BizSense.

  • Campaign audits
  • Competitive landscape research
  • Paid search strategy
  • Keyword identification
  • Geographic and linguistic targeting
  • Global SEO
  • Ad copy creation, testing and extensions
  • Bid optimization
  • Search path analysis
  • Architectural structure
  • Paid search ROI dashboards

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