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Mobile Marketing

If you’re not there NOW, you never will be.
With the insurgence of smart phones, and a growing social demand for instant attention, the time between experiencing a marketing message and responding to it has shortened. Enter the mobile age.
Picture this. You’re on a train, you see a poster for a new shampoo, you scan in a QR code and you’re right there. Ready to buy. Ready to engage. Or you may be lying on your couch, relaxing, watching TV. Tempted by a new model car you’ve just seen, you grab your smart phone, search the brand name and you’re directed to a competitor’s site. The former example values the importance of mobile marketing, the latter is an example of mobile underestimation.

The fact of the matter is that as consumers, we are increasingly moving away from our desktop computers and the smart marketers are realizing this. Sure, a mobile customer can browse through your website (with a pinch here and a slide there), but browsing on a mobile device is different to browsing on a desktop or laptop. Screen sizes are smaller. But the environmental context is different. Mobile searches are frequently performed in areas that may be crowded or noisy, or in situations where one just needs to sneak in a quick search.

At BizSense, we develop mobile specific sites and ad formats that take these factors into account, leaving mobile customers engaged, informed and ready for purchase. Mobile marketing is measurable and cost effective. Using analytical tools, BizSense can identify the proportion of traffic coming from mobile sources, by time of day, even down to the region and mobile device used. Promote a specific number on your mobile specific site and you can measure specific phone inquiries.
“I had contacted a few website companies for web design and graphic design services in the past for redesigning my current website. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy at of Krish India Design was definitely remarkable. They were very attentive even to my minute revisions and suggestions. Moreover, the entire crew was very well-organized, well-informed, and proven professionals.”
- Cathy Lawrence, Irvin, CA

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