How to save $1,200 on your secondhand car purchase from Tesla (U.S.)

Tesla has officially announced its secondhand cars guarantee, but not without a few caveats.

Tesla’s car guarantee is one of the few consumer product guarantees on the market that is actually a direct-to-consumer deal with a manufacturer, rather than an exchange of goods or services.

That means it does not require an in-store visit or return.

In addition, the guarantee does not come with a $1.00 purchase price, and it does offer a $100 discount if you are using the car for the first time.

For the first 30 days, Tesla will waive the $1 purchase price of a secondhand Tesla Model S, and the discount applies to all future deliveries.

The guarantee applies to a Model S and all other new Tesla Model 3 vehicles, as well as any Tesla Model X or XS vehicles with an installed warranty.

There’s no way to cancel your guarantee at any time, and if you lose your car or otherwise lose a part of your car, you’ll have to return it to Tesla.

It is important to note that the guarantee is valid for 30 days.

Tesla also offers a second-hand car guarantee for those who purchased an eligible Model S or X at a store outside of the U.S. You can purchase your second-half car through the store that sold your original car for $1 and receive the $100 off of your guarantee.

You have to use the store’s “pick up and delivery” service to pick up the car and then drive it to the store, where it will be shipped to you.

The offer does not apply to the $99 price of the Model S. For example, if you purchased a Model X for $3,900 and used the car to deliver it to a local store, you would receive a $99 guarantee.

Tesla does not guarantee the safety of the vehicle, and has no plans to do so, but the company has pledged to investigate the issue if there are any problems.

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