How to get an electric car for under $60,000

The price of an electric-car maker’s secondhand car has jumped nearly 40% since it began offering its own model on its website last month, with many buying an older model, which they say will be more reliable and offer better performance.

The company, Tesla Motors, says it is still selling the Model S but is now offering an upgraded version, Model X, which it calls the “supercharged” model.

The price has risen to $66,700 in the US.

“With a secondhand model you get a lot more range,” said Andrew Kostik, the company’s VP of marketing and operations.

Tesla is one of a handful of electric-vehicle companies in China that are now offering their own versions of its vehicles.

Others include LG Chem, BYD, and BYD e.V.

However, Tesla’s second-handed Model X is the only one available in the country, so it has an advantage in the Chinese market.

“In the past we’ve always done the cheapest model first,” Mr Kostick said.

“Now it’s a little bit easier because we’ve got a lot of competitors out there.”

China is home to the world’s biggest population, but it is also a manufacturing hub for China’s automakers, which are trying to expand their footprint in the rapidly expanding middle class.

Some analysts have said that the Model X has already become a financial success, with sales of its $80,000 secondhand Model S car up 60% over the same time period.

The Model X’s success could also be partly due to a strong relationship with Chinese consumer goods companies, who have been buying the car in record numbers and buying Tesla stock.

“We’ve been very, very aggressive,” said Mr Koss, adding that the company is planning to ramp up production of its secondhand cars and expand its operations in the United States.

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