HK car maker Tesla offers guaranteed second hand price – HKTA

Teslas are now officially offered in Hong Kong.

A new product from the Taiwanese carmaker has been made available to customers of the city’s new public transport system, which has been touted as a potential replacement for the traditional car.

The offer of a guaranteed second-hand car, with a range of up to 100 kilometres, comes as the city seeks to make its economy more sustainable by opening up the economy to car ownership.

“We have a plan to introduce the first car to the public in the city, which will allow for a more affordable and more efficient transportation system,” said Teslas CEO Wang Xiaogang in a press conference on Wednesday.

As of now, Teslas offer a range from the Nissan Leaf to the Tesla Model S. However, a spokesperson for the Hong Kong Transport Authority told the local news outlet,  “There are no guarantees and we are not saying that it will be offered to everyone.

We want to give people a second chance to make a decision on their own.”

The new product, called a “Gift Car”, was developed by the HKTA to help people who are not sure whether to buy a car or a bike.

It is a smart phone app which allows users to make the purchase with the smartphone and then receive a free car voucher.

There is currently no way to buy the product online or via a physical product.

Teslas is not the only company to offer a guarantee to its customers.

This is the first time that a company like Teslas has offered a guaranteed purchase of a car.

In November 2016, a local company, Yoyo Motor, offered a guarantee of a second hand car for £2,500 ($3,200).

It came after a spate of complaints from Hong Kong’s elderly and the disabled.

In December 2016, YOYO Motor agreed to pay £9,000 ($12,000) to a pensioner who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Yoyo Motors has since said it will continue to offer its car for people who need a second car.

Hong Kong’s first-ever electric car company, NextEV, has also promised a guarantee for its customers after a petition of more than 2,000 signatures.

NextEV was established in December last year with a total of 30,000 registered members.

Its goal is to provide an affordable and reliable alternative to traditional cars.

Hong Kong is home to a growing number of electric car manufacturers.

Currently, there are four electric vehicle manufacturers in the world with a combined sales of more then $3 billion ($4.7 billion).

“It is also important to point out that all electric vehicles are the result of collaboration between many different parties, not just one company.

With such collaboration, we hope that the city will make the electric car market more affordable for everyone,” said Yoyos spokesperson.

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