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All of our client projects are developed using the BizSense 6-step process.

Our process enables BizSense and its clients to capitalize on the best opportunities for market growth. It’s also a way to foster input from both our team and our clients and enables both parties to keep a check on progress, and ultimately to measure results.

Listen and Learn.

Our first stage involves the BizSense team and client members interacting to develop an insight into a specific project. Here we listen to our clients and fully understand the client’s business and the environment in which it operates. This stage involves discussions with internal and external stakeholders, an audit of current marketing communication practices and tools and a review of the competitive environment. Our point of difference is that throughout this process we always adopt a customer centric view, that is, we see it from the customers’ eyes.



Once we’ve developed a good understanding of the client’s business, we adopt a strategic approach to developing clear objectives and a succinct plan of attack. This stage once again involves input from the client. Our team then develops a project plan including objectives and business requirements. Within the plan, BizSense also sets forth a strategic vision, and definitions of marketing messaging and brand positioning. The plan also contains the means in which the vision will be brought to life. Specific marketing and communication executions are detailed, along with specific timelines, budgets and expected returns. What we propose is what we deliver, with no surprises along the way.



Once our plan is agreed upon, the BizSense creative team goes to work. In this phase, creative concepts are developed in line with the project strategy. Some of the best ideas come from the most unexpected sources, so we continue to work with our clients to capture all valid ideas. We then test these ideas and select only those that can bring the vision to life. Throughout this stage, we create concepts and test these among the target audience. Ultimately we deliver a set of creative concepts that have been nurtured to work.



Implement. In this stage our focus is to bring the dream to reality. We pool in all our capabilities and implement an integrated campaign geared towards engaging customers at pre-determined interaction points. Out Design Group adds their special touch to the development of digital applications. Our highly creative Production Group then fine-tunes campaign elements including content, copy, video and banners. Our Media Group secures the most relevant opportunities in terms of media, including both digital and traditional media types. Throughout this process, every key component is reported along the way, leading to a fully implemented campaign delivering immediate results.



Measurement on performance is our passion. Throughout the process, we develop Key Performance Indicators and measurement systems to measure and report on what we do in the traditional marketing, web and social spheres of any project. Here the key to success is understanding exactly how a campaign performs against the objectives previously set, whilst always maintaining a focus on customer relationship management and brand engagement.



Delivering results is not where we stop. As the competitive space is forever evolving, so do we. At BizSense we also believe in further expanding successes for our clients. We evaluate every project using the data we’ve collected along the way. We then identify ways of expanding customer engagement whilst still maintaining a focus on delivering improved returns on marketing investment. It’s all part and parcel of our belief system and in engaging long term profitable relationships with our clients.


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