2nd-hand care of cars: How you can help

CAR-HANDING: Hand cars are more than just cars.They are also vehicles for caring for others.When we’re driving, we need to know how to pick up and take care of our car, pick up our children, and take them for walks.This is especially important in times of crisis, such as the recent hurricanes and pandemics, whenRead More

How to save a car from falling off the road

Boise is a big city.But it’s also home to a growing number of second-helicopter-owners.And in many cases, it’s hard to keep your car from going over the edge.Here are the best things you can do to help your car stay safe.The Best Places to Keep Your Car Safe First things first: Never leave your carRead More

How Tesla offers guaranteed second-hat deal for first-hand cars

Tesla Motors’ second-hottest seller, its second-biggest selling car, its first-best selling electric car, and its best selling electric vehicle are all in the hands of a very large car company that will soon have to sell them for a guaranteed price.The car company is TSLA, the second-largest seller of second-handed cars in the United StatesRead More

How to use second hand car care

Use a second hand washing machine, dishwasher, or car wash as a first aid and second hand cleaner when your home or business is in an accident.These devices have a built in automatic shut-off button, so you won’t have to go to the bathroom or do anything else to use them.Hand washing machines are typicallyRead More

Tesla, Toyota to offer secondhand cars for $50,000

The electric car-maker Tesla Motors, which has been in the forefront of innovation, is looking to offer new customers a secondhand electric car, as well as to give customers a refund for a second hand car.The company says that its second-generation Tesla Model S electric sedan, the Model X, will go on sale in ChinaRead More

The city has an ugly legacy of dirty cars

Boise has an awful reputation when it comes to cars.In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, one in every six cars in Boise has been damaged or totaled in the past five years.That’s up from one in five cars in 2010, and it’s still rising.The city of Boise has the highest autoRead More

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